Managed Services

Managed IT Services for Business Owners

What keeps you up at night?  If it’s the fact that your computer system, online software, and network infrastructure could be disabled, then you need to read on.

What if you had someone monitoring your computer network in order to identify and fix problems before they can affect your business? We can do that. Our Managed Services offering not only allows us to proactively monitor and repair your systems—using highly secure software—we can also keep your computers safe from viruses, malware and other online threats.

How Our Managed IT Services Work

How does it work?  Our software delivers real-time alerts when something isn’t quite right.  That could be a download that isn’t secure, it could be malware trying to infiltrate; whatever it is, it is stopped before it gets in.  It’s more than an antivirus service; those only help AFTER you are infected.  It’s a proactive solution to a problem that is becoming worse for businesses every day.

Ready to learn more?  Our IT specialists in Billings, MT can consult with you no matter where you live.  Better yet, we offer solutions and you’re under no obligation.

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